Department of Hepatology肝病科简介

  The hepatology department of The First Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, built up in 1964, is one of the earliest departments engaged with liver disease treatment. In 1999, it became the Center of Traditional Chinese Treatment of Liver Disease. In 2008, it became the Key National Research Center for Chinese Medicine Clinical Treatment of Liver Disease, and in 2009, it became the Key Disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medical Administration, in 2012 it became the National Key Clinical Specialties. The scales of our clinical department is on the top of the list among Hunan Province, it is also the Key Medical Researching, Teaching, and Continuing Education Center of Chinese Traditional Hepatology Treatment and Integrated Chinese-Western Treatment. Our research has covered every parts of the chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, hepatic failure, hepatopathy-related disease, among them, our Chinese Medicine treatment to treat liver failure (severe hepatitis) has been at the leading domestic level. The range of our clinical treatment has covered the diagnosis and treatment of almost every liver-related disease besides liver transplantation.

  Preponderant disease: chronic hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B-related liver failure, primary liver cancer.

  Characteristic Treatment:

  1 Chronic hepatitis with hepatic fibrosis: Traditional Chinese Medicine “nourishing kidney promote the immune response of chronic hepatitis B”; the method of “soothing the liver, tonifying the spleen, invigorate the circulation of blood to remove obstruction of channels” to cure chronic hepatic fibrosis.

  2 Distinguishing jaundice caused by heat or cold, perfecting the syndrome differentiation and treatment of jaundice, forming a new treatment method.

  3 To cure the cirrhosis with ascites by taking the traditional Chinese decoction orally and topical apply the herbal powder on belly button.